Compete to Create Learning Platform

Learning Management System design made in partnership with Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll and team Psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais

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  • UX Design
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  • Software Development
  • API Development

Compete to Create is an online and live coaching and training platform created by Coach Pete Carroll and Dr. Michael Gervais designed to transform individuals and organizations. Compete to Create provides the training and tools to inspire individuals to reveal and uplevel their skills so they can be their very best every day — at work, at home, with colleagues, with family and friends and in society.

The Challenge

Compete to Create had an existing learning management system that had been built by various different teams on an outdated code base that would not allow for future growth of the business and platform. They needed to design and build a solution that was stable and architected in a way that would allow features and functionality to be modular so changes to one area of the platform would not effect the rest.

The Solution

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New experience design

Many issues with the workflow were present for students in the existing LMS platform. Mentor redesigned the experience to make it more user friendly while keeping with the core tenants of the program.

Decoupled architecture with middle layer API

To allow for a more secure, flexible, and sustainable code base, Mentor re-architected the entire platform and created a totally separate API hosted on Amazon Web Services to control the data flow and ensure sensitive user data was kept private. This new architecture also allows for new features to be built without effecting the existing code base making the platform more future-proof.

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Modular authoring environment

Mentor created an object-oriented content management system to drive the platform which gave content authors the ability to upload content assets and then assign them to different courses. This method along with a drag and drop interface made it quick and easy to create many different courses and class variations.