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Blank-shirt wholesaler redesigns a web experience to showcase sustainable values

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Allmade makes sustainable blank-shirts and wholesale apparel. Compared to the average t-shirt, every Allmade® t-shirt helps you reduce your carbon footprint, save water, and reduce waste for an impact you can feel.

“I LOVE THE SITE, and it has been a joy working with you! Anna, you are magical with all your fixes. Dacia, Britt, Marissa—I’m so thankful for all the roles you played and how you genuinely helped us navigate this new relationship with Allmade and SanMar. It was always much bigger than just a new website.”

Mel – SanMar

The Challenge

Mentor worked with the Allmade team to redesign the website on Shopify. Our goal of the new site was to share and inspire visitors with the impact story of the brand. On the development side we also tackled integrating with the SanMar Dynamics 365 inventory management system to ensure proper product tracking and connection to the existing system.

The Solution

Defining the Allmade Brand

We started by defining the Allmade look, feel, and messaging in a way that reflected the sustainable values and energetic personality of the brand.

Measuring Impact

The Impact Calculator was a highlight interactive feature of the site, where visitors can compare the resource footprint of Allmade t-shirt material vs other standard blends.

Integrating Rich Storytelling

From there we weaved video, story, and rich imagery throughout the design to engage visitors.