Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon

An online guide that makes learning to cook salmon delightful and accessible

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Bristol Bay is a region in Alaska with the largest wild sockeye salmon run in the world. It has been fished and managed sustainably for 130+ years. Mentor designed and built a microsite to educate consumers on salmon cooking techniques and spread enthusiasm for enjoying fresh Bristol Bay sockeye salmon with the world.

“You just surprised and delighted us! We are on the receiving end! Thank you!”

Kerry Wilkins – Creative Director, Rising Tide Communications

The Challenge

Salmon can feel intimidating for home cooks, given that it is a more expensive protein with many cooking techniques to choose from. Our goal with with the Bristol Bay cooking guide was to create a friendly experience that brings joy and confidence to the process of learning to cook salmon at home while simultaneously educating the consumer about Bristol Bay sockeye.

The Solution

Intuitive and Educational

The overall experience was designed to take a large amount of content and present it in a way that is streamlined and optimized for any device size making it easy for the home cook to view while at the kitchen counter.

Ease of Navigation Between Techniques

Keeping with the theme of ease while in the kitchen, the navigation for the guide follows you wherever you scroll making it super easy to follow the recipes and watch the videos while never losing your place.

Animations and Delightful Surprises

One of the main directives was to make it fun. To achieve this goal there were many engaging interactions, animations, and videos included in the experience. This was all achieved while keeping the site performance and load times quick and seamless.

Launch Video