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Fred Hutch is made up of interdisciplinary teams who conduct high-impact science to achieve their mission: eliminating cancer and related diseases. 

Translating discoveries into cures, their pioneering research has saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

mockup of a user persona

“Mentor was a trusted and reliable partner for several transformative digital efforts at Fred Hutch and my go-to collaborator for new projects coming online at LPL Financial. Throughout each of our engagements they have demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand our needs and deliver beyond our expectations.”


The Challenge

The Shared Resources site serves several important key functions at Fred Hutch. Mentor performed a complete web assessment and user research discovery to holistically evaluate the Shared Resources website with a lens on simplification, usability, modernization, and responsive design with today’s business objectives in mind.

Our Approach

Our approach included stakeholder research, user research, persona development, user journey creation, competitive analysis, and wireframes.

The Solution

mockup of a user journey map

User Research

Personas and journey maps were created using the key user segmentation types coming out of stakeholder and user interviews. These both helped guide the site requirements and identify pain points, goals, tasks, values, and biography.

Feature Analysis

A review of other research institutions and their resource sites allowed us to pair the experience with others that the science community was already familiar with in an effort to create a more intuitive content framework.

wirefame pages of the prototype

UX Prototyping

4 primary scenarios for use were identified and visualized by way of wireframes.