Redesign and development of website and customer portal

zemax logo
a glossy detailed view of a series of lenses that Zemax makes

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Technical Architecture

Zemax is a company that creates and sells optical design software used across several different industries including manufacturing, consumer electronics, aerospace & defense, and more. Their web & customer portal experience had fallen behind over the years leading to Mentor partnering with their team to redesign the zemax.com site and rebuild the customer portal experience by way of a technical architecture rewrite.

desktop and mobile designs of zemax homepage

The Challenge

Zemax’s site and self-service portal for customers had been built up over the years using several different technical platforms. It was our challenge to identify opportunities within the platform and ensure a seamless experience for users and internal employees alike.

The Solution

The new website & platform experience was designed in order to provide both customers and internal employees a seamless experience when managing licenses, accessing & editing the knowledge base, downloading software, approving purchases, and contributing to the community. This was achieved through a full site redesign alongside a consolidation of all existing third-party platforms to live on one unified Shopify architecture & experience.

technical architecture

Technical Architecture & Purchase Flows

It was especially important to consider the purchase flow when rewriting the technical architecture as both customers and internal employees need to interface with multiple platforms in order to make & approve purchases. These flows and technical associations


Once the technical architecture and site IA were considered, it was time to apply our structural recommendations to lo-fidelity wireframes & prototypes to ensure the experience was as seamless as intended. Key experiences focused on included software access & download for customers and license management for internal users.

Zemax wireframes
Zemax home designs

UI Design – Zemax.com

All pages within the customer experience were considered during this phase including the software shopping pages, cart, resource center, and blog.

UI Design – License Management Platform

The visual design of the platform experience was considered and applied to the license management experience, alongside all other internal facing platform screens.

Zemax account designs

The Conclusion

Upon development, Zemax was acquired by Ansys and all technical architecture considerations were implemented, providing a seamless experience for both internal users and Zemax customers.