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First Choice Health is a physician and hospital owned healthcare organization that offers employers a number of forward-thinking services that prioritize quality healthcare while reducing costs.

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“I’ve had the wonderful privilege of working with Mentor on a couple of digital healthcare projects at FCH. The Mentor team brought extensive experience and knowledge to my projects in a number of areas, most notably in customer research, design and technology. The ability to problem solve in healthcare with data and design is quite difficult, but the Mentor team were able to help drive and deliver success to these projects.”


The Challenge

Employee claims data can quickly become unwieldy, often requiring companies to hire external consultants to interpret said data. This process is costly, time consuming, and will often lead to a biased decision regarding how to best serve employees while still considering the business’ needs.

FCH and Mentor set out to eliminate this process by creating a data analysis portal where internal employee benefit managers could view claims data visualizations with context, comparison, and insights. Our challenge was to ensure that the data presented has actual actionable meaning, while simultaneously providing significant value to companies of all sizes. 

Our Approach

Our approach begins with a holistic evaluation of the project goals, and will vary dependent on the problems we are trying to solve. For FCH, a full discovery process was recommended, as it would inform our design direction as the project progressed.  From stakeholder interviews, white-boarding concepts, prototyping and testing with users, to development – our approach involves creating a tailored solution dependent on the needs of First Choice Health’s unique customers. We started by deeply understanding our stakeholders goals and intent for the project. 

The Solution

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Research and Insights

By conducting interviews, and using exercises like affinity diagrams, personas and user journeys we were able to gain insights from the notes. For instance we were able to understand what types of insurance claims data represent the most actionable areas for FCH companies to use. This would allow them to adjust their health plans to more appropriately cover their employee population.

Prototyping and Testing

In order to implement these insights we needed to go through a process of prototyping and testing. This helped us to figure out the right way to visualize the trends in claims for the company so they can appropriately opt in for services that FCH offers, helping to address the employee health trends in a positive way.

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Design Solutions

We made it easy for managers to understand and deliver this info in a form that is easily consumable, such as serialized emails and a summary dashboard.

The Conclusion

Mentor designed and developed the initial data analysis platform experience. Employee benefit managers at all companies can quickly identify where and why they should focus their attention, with recommended programs displayed. The platform was rolled out at Evergreen Health and is currently being used.