Zeeks Pizza Digital Transformation

Updating legacy systems and architecture with a whole new modern approach

A Zeek's employee uses a point-of-sale sytem on a touch surface screen to ring up a pizza order.

Digital Transformation
Technology Consulting
System Architecture

Zeeks is a PNW pizza franchise that continues to expand locations and engaged Mentor to assist with updating their digital ecosystem to make it more sustainable for future growth. Mentor partnered with Zeeks to evaluate their current point-of-sale system and integrations in order to recommend the best options for in store, online, table side, and delivery technology.

map of technical architecture

“Mentor’s team is talented and smart, but their superpower is their ability to relate to our unique culture and brand. They are the only design and technology partner we use now simply because that superpower produces hero-level results others can’t match.”


The Challenge

Zeeks has been in desperate need of updating their digital ecosystem specifically the point-of-sale system that is at the core of the business. The legacy system was slow, a poor user experience, and had no API to leverage in order to create custom websites and mobile apps for customers. Zeeks desires an “Uber Eats for pizza delivery” experience and in order to achieve this goal all technology needed to be upgraded.

The Solution

spreadsheet of point of sale business requirements, organized by priority

Requirements gathering

Mentor worked with Zeeks to document both business requirements and technical requirements for all areas of the business that would need digital technology and integrations. This included restaurant operations, finance, and human resources.

Vendor software evaluations

Based on the requirements, various software platforms for point-of-sale systems, delivery, and digital menu ordering were all evaluated, stack ranked, and priced. This allowed for easy decision making and a streamlined process for further demonstrations and evaluations.

shopify, revel, toast, onfleet and shipday logos
map of technical architecture

All new ecosystem architecture

Once the final software paths became clear the various options were diagramed out which allowed for the whole system to be visualized. The client was able to see where the data connections would occur and where any gaps that needed to be filled through custom solutions existed.